Conversations w/ Aliens, Automatons, Paper Kings, and Plastic Dreams​.​.​. Nursery Rhymes For The Unfettered Minds Vol. 2

by ricardo iamuuri

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    Once upon a time…there was A Man Named Atom. He was a Voyeuristic Slave, a carrier of order and culture, of civilization. And from him came many sons and daughters, all of whom carried his voice within their own.
    One of these was the Wildfire Man. And though the Wildfire Man came many generations after Atom, he still carried with him Atom's chains. But he also carried Wishbones on one shoulder and Recollections of a Future Lullaby on the other. And with these, he had more than enough to carry him through the world. Wildfire Man came from the Glitter Slum, where he was taught, despite his Subterranean Distress, to Fear No Man; to make Movements and Revolutions Toward Love; to resist the tempting sweetness of Imperial Sugar; to believe in Mother Deliverance. He was taught to resist Atom and his civilized chains.
    Once he came to manhood, Wildfire Man traveled. He was called to move. He swung toward the horizon and he saw many things. He saw the long, persistent Procession of Cogs down 3214 Old Freedom Road. He saw the trudging and the beauty, the horror and the magic. He saw No Planes Go Down in Flames, but instead the smoldering remains of this Post Postmodern Status. Through his journeys, he tried to remain a Calm, Cool, Collective Soul, a man content with those Happy 38 trips he’d spun around the sun. And yet no matter how far he travelled, no matter how much he saw, it was always sound that compelled The Returning of Atom: the sound of Black Boy Sirens swinging through the glitter, through the sugar and the mothers and their deliverance. Atom's haunting spurned Wildfire Man on in endless resistance and questioning. Wildfire Man wanted to keep journeying further and further, but no matter how high he climbed, Atom was there.
    Until one night, Wildfire Man heard a low and gentle hum. He looked in the trees. No hum. He looked in the ocean. No hum. No low and gentle from the stones; no low and gentle from the wind. And as he finally laid his head back on the warm ground, exhausted, he saw that the hum came from above. The stars were humming. Asking him to please, From Wherever You Are, come, come back home.
    So as the year FiatFree 2020 approached, he made his way back to the streets from which he was formed, where Atom still lived and wailed. And though Wildfire Man had roamed so far from those shining slums, that wailing was still fresh and open. As he made his way toward home, he could hear, louder, faster, Atom and his clinking and clashing, his seductive, ordered drum beat. Wildfire Man's journey back required patience and persistence, work rooms and rest rooms, love rooms and light rooms. But in the back of his mind, Wildfire always followed those slow, low calls of the siren stars, saying to him, "Resist Atom. Question the chains." He remembered to look up. To always let the night point the way. And as he crawled and clawed, closer and closer home, he suddenly knew why he had been tasked with this journey.
    To, once and for all, Destroy Atom. To bring back the message: "Kill the Artist. Mars is Underwater."
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Conversations w/ Aliens, Automatons, Paper Kings, and Plastic Dreams: Nursery Rhymes For The Unfettered Mind Vol. 2 is Ricardo Iamuuri’s second album. Before a sound is born Iamuuri greets each potential listener with his signature word puzzles. It’s difficult to know for certain if Iamuuri’s titles are for decoration or distraction. What does seem obvious is his playful hyperawareness regarding the weight of language, symbols, mythology, space, color and form. Unlike the naked tone of Vol. 1, (Nursery Rhymes For The Underfed Minds) Vol. 2 is overdressed. But it is excess that's being explored in this album, as well as it's limits. Ricardo Iamuuri carves out his own genre with Vol. 2. What he labels as "urban folk-hop, electro-blues, afro-rock” becomes label-less as each track reveals its structure and content. At times sensitive and rhythmic. At times simple and mantric. At times meandering in isolation. Ricardo Iamuuri has produced a follow up album that is more than just music to listen to. Nursery Rhymes For The UNFETTERED Minds: Vol. 2 is invitational and intentional, designed to provide a multitude of experiences.


released November 19, 2014




ricardo iamuuri Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ricardo Iamuuri is an African American singer-songwriter and performance artist.  Ricardo's music rests firmly upon the foundation of traditional folk music.  His primary influence came through Negro Spirituals sung a cappella by his family choir, "The Gift of Song,"  but the inspiration of musical theatre, urban blues, R&B, soul and classic hip-hop is evident throughout his work. ... more

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Track Name: Glitter Slum
When my sun goes down
And my moon comes up
Along with my double life
And this Glitter Slum

In this Glitter Slum
In this Glitter Slum
Glitter Slum

When my moon goes down
And my sun comes up
Along with this cartoon news
All wrapped in bubble gum

In this Glitter Slum
In this Glitter Slum
Glitter Slum

When my sun is high
And my shadows long
Along with these truths, these lies
An unholy war has begun
An unholy war has begun

I said
First came the dream
Then came the plan
Cut down the trees
Wash over the land

Glitter Slum
Glitter Slum

"If all the books were burned
And we spoke one tongue
Will we ever learn
How to become one
In this Glitter Slum?"

In this Glitter Slum
In this Glitter Slum
In this Glitter Slum

All the lies
Watch them shine
Watch them shine

In this Glitter Slum
In this Glitter Slum
In this Glitter Slum

written by
ricardo iamuuri